"So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.
For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal."
II Corinthians 4:18

Friday, December 17, 2010

Blankets Delivered

The Faithgirls made fleece blankets as a mission project instead of a gift exchange this year.

Emilie, Olivia, Bella and I took the blankets to Ms. Eileen to personally deliver the blankets.

Ms Eileen has a heart for children, especially abused children. She volunteers at Helping Hands Home as a story reader and is a sort of "adopted grandmother" to all the children there. She gives each child Christmas presents picked out personally for them by herself. It was a joy to meet and visit with her. She recently had surgery and we are praying for her fast recovery.

~Letter From Ms. Eileen~

Dear Faithgirls of New Boston Faith Baptist Church,

Yesterday was a day that truly warmed my heart. Along with their Great Grandma Laurel Lea and their Grandma Carla Cay, Ms. Marni and Emilie, Olivia, and Izzie visited me at my home in Austin, Texas. As they walked thru my front door, they presented me with a “Huge Santa Bag” that was filled with the most loving, kind, heartfelt gifts.

When I peeked inside the huge bag, I found four beautiful, warm, cozy fleece blankets. As I touched the blankets, I could feel the love and kindness that went into each one. I immediately put my “imagination cap” on and could see each of you working so hard on creating these wonderful ‘gifts of love’. I could feel the love you felt in your hearts as your selected the fabrics and tied and tied and tied all the fringes till each blanket was perfectly completed.

As you know, these blankets will all be going to children who live in foster homes or residential treatment centers – another term for orphanage. The children who will be receiving them have been removed from their homes, their parents, their siblings, their pets, and the beds, pillows, and blankets that once belonged to them. There are no words that could possibly express the happiness these children will feel when they receive this precious gift. The warmth and love each child will feel as they snuggle into their new cozy blanket will bring the sweetest smiles and joy … this is something that they do not have too much of in their young lives.

I personally wish to thank each of you with all my heart for your hard work and your heartfelt kindness as you have reached out to touch the heart of another child – a child who has so little in his or her life. The sweet little tag that is attached to each blanket says it all: “This blanket was made especially for you with love.” Thank you so very very much.

All My Love,
Ms. Eileen

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